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Custom Powder Coating

Our goal is to provide the highest level of service and quality finish.


Many powder coaters only focus on the powder application but all stages are crucial including cleaning, surface profiling, application and curing process. Panther has a background in the science and electronics industry which has allowed for systematic research and development into best practices for powder coating.


We service businesses and enthusiasts, doing singular items or repetitive work. Our mission is for you to have the exact finish that you want within the specified timeframe and to the highest level of service.



What we can offer:

  • In-house blasting for controlled surface profiling to maximise durability and finish

  • In-house weld repairing for restoration

  • We mix additives with powders to produce custom effects

  • Can work to tight deadlines

  • We can also produce samples and provide warranties.

  • Complementing services such as fabrication and mechanical assistance through our business partners.


We encourage you to contact us to ensure that we can meet your needs.

Media Blasting / Glass Bead Blasting

Surface profiling makes a big differences in the longevity and quality in a powder coating finish.

We provide in-house media blasting and glass bead blasting to ensure that we can control the quality of the job from start to finish and also reduce costs. We discuss with you, the type of finish that you would like, we carefully inspect the item and select the appropriate medium. We use a range of media including glass bead, garnet and aluminium oxide, all of varying grades.

Graphics / Printing in powder coat

Embed graphics/imagery into your powder coat for cheaper than silk screening and higher durability than stickers.

Panther has been able to develop technology to embed graphics and imagery into powder coat. The benefits of this is that the imagery actually dyes that powder coat and changes it colour. This makes the imagery as durable and with the same properties as a regular powder coated surface, making it highly useful for a wide range of applications. This is cheaper than silk screening and more durable that stickers. The most common application thus far has been control panels and metallic labels.

Fabrication & Design

Our services go beyond powder coating, we can design, fabricate, repair and restore!

Contact us about how we can help become your one stop shop

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